Our Vision

Our Vision is always expanding

Finsbury Park Trust is an independent registered charity with Development Trust status. We are the legacy organisation of the Finsbury Park Partnership ( later known as FinFuture ), whose function was to manage a seven-year government-funded programme to regenerate the Finsbury Park neighbourhood. FPP ceased to exist in March 2008 and when this funding came to an end Finsbury Park Trust was set up to ensure the continuation of work as a Tri Borough Regeneration Agency to regenerate the Finsbury Park neighbourhood area.

Finsbury Park Trust owns three premises and this is sustained by rental income from its tenants and from income generated by hiring out its meeting rooms.

All other Finsbury Park Trust initiatives are based entirely on working in partnership with other organisations that have an interest in improving quality of life in our neighbourhood. Co-ordinated by Finsbury Park Trust, many organisations meet together to pool their thinking and any resources they have that are designated for the Finsbury Park area, to achieve a coherent approach to the neighbourhood. They include:

  • The three local authorities whose boundaries meet at Finsbury Park – Islington Council, Haringey Council, Hackney Council.
  • Some national or London-wide organisations that provide services to the neighbourhood e.g. Transport for London, British Transport.
  • Many local businesses, voluntary and community organisations.

Where possible, Finsbury Park Trust takes the lead in involving funding organisations that are able to finance specific programmes of work e.g. the local Councils and Metropolitan Police.

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