Our Partners

We own three premises on Seven Sisters Road

Our building are at 225-229 Seven Sisters Road and contain:

  • Offices which are rented to community organisations and projects
  • Two ground floor meeting rooms for hire


Organisations Based at the Centre

  • The Power of Stories
  • Congolese Community Council
  • Finsbury Park Business Forum (FPBF)
  • Finsbury Park Trust                                                                        
  • Ghana Union
  • Home Care Alliance                                       
  • Islington Somali Community (ISC)
  • Jannaty Women’s Charity Boutique Shop
  • Jannaty Women’s Networking Society
  • Together We Learn
  • London Hazards Centre
  • London Mining Network                                       
  • I.S.E. (Rural India Schools Enterprise)           
  • SFT Foundation
  • Southbank Enterprise Trust  


Organisations within Finsbury Park Trust

Finsbury Park Business Forum (FPBF)
Tel: 020 7527 5172
Email: info@businessforum.uk.com
Website: www.businessforum.com
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 10.00am-4.00pm, Appointment only

Ghana Union
Tel: 020 7267 3224
Fax: 020 7263 3269
Email: info@ghanaunion.org.uk

Islington Somali Community (ISC)
(Drop in sessions Tuesday and Thursday 10 – 4 pm. Appointments on other week days)
Tel: 020 7272 0550
Fax: 020 7272 1022
Email: isc26@btconnect.com

Congolese Community Council
Email: tem107@hotmail.com
Web: www.congolesecommunitycouncil.kk5.org
Opening Hours: Appointment only

London Mining Network
Tel: 020 7202 0230
Email: richard@lmn.org.uk
Opening Hours: Appointment only

Jannaty Women’s Networking Society
Tel: 07852 178141
Email: info@jannaty.org.uk
Opening hours: Classes & activities (Monday – Thursday and Saturday)

Southbank Enterprise Trust 
Tel: 020 7272 0716
Email: info@uthmankay.co.uk
Opening hours: Appointment only

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