my place

“My Place“ Youth Project

Introducing “My Place” in Finsbury Park

What is My Place?

Piloting in Finsbury Park, My Place is an initiative to help local young people shape decisions about what goes on and what gets built in their community.

We believe that communities thrive when local people are at the heart of the decisions that affect them.

We believe that young people have the ideas, talent, and energy to be community leaders and co-create solutions to community issues.

What is the My Place Shopfront at 229 Seven Sisters Road?

Having a physical space that is owned and shaped by young people themselves is a central part of giving them a sense of belonging, ownership, and power within their community.

We believe that the My Place Shopfront is a key component of helping the younger participants of My Place feel a sense of common purpose and have a literal stake in the ground. It is their physical space to show they mean business and want to communicate and collaborate with their community and those that make decisions about what happens within it. It will be co-designed and built by young people with local designers, with the needs of the community in mind, and managed by the young people themselves.

We need your help to turn My Place into a reality…

We want to collaborate with local young people; support and inspire them to be advocates for their community, and to influence decision-making to bring about positive change.

We plan to recruit and train a group of diverse young people from the local area to understand their community’s wants and needs and support them to forge meaningful relationships with local decision makers to influence change in the interests of their community. My Place in Finsbury Park is a start-up initiative developed by ftwork and delivered by London Development Trust. We are delighted to be partnering with Finsbury Park Trust, who are generously helping to give My Place a home at 229 Seven Sisters road.

Get in touch

If you have ideas about what we should be doing or who we should be speaking to – get in touch with our project coordinators Zimmie and Rico!


Why does My Place exist?

  • 89% of young people have never been asked about the future of their neighbourhood, yet 97% of them want the chance to get involved
  • There is a damaging disconnect between existing communities and the regeneration process, with many people feeling distrustful or ignored.
  • Existing communities are either priced out or displaced to other areas.
  • Most people are excluded from the local decision-making process, and the power to make change is often in the hands of those with political or economic vested interests.
  • Too often planning consultations are thoughtlessly exclusive or offer no ongoing opportunity for ideas to be co-created iteratively with the community they seek to serve. We want to change all of this.


How did My Place come about?

  • The idea for My Place grew from comments made by young people during a previous ftwork project, that their opinions and knowledge of where they live should be valued and contribute to decisions that shape the future of their communities.
  • My Place believes that young people have the appetite, ideas and energy to help redress the power balance in urban planning and use their voice to help their communities thrive.
  • By getting involved in My Place, we want the young people to gain a renewed sense of ownership, agency, develop the skills to advocate for their community, and have access to professionals and decision-makers who can help co-design solutions to their community’s needs.