Food Poverty Project

The Free Food Parcels project has been successfully completed

We received a grant of £10,000 from LHC community Fund. For two weeks during Christmas holiday period in December 2021, we distributed free food parcels to 50 families.

These pre packed food parcels were prepared by Jannaty Women’s Society and distributed to families whose children would have been eligible for free school meals Between February and May 2022, we worked with Montem Primary School, Islington to distribute food parcels to 75 families on a weekly basis. Children attending Years, 4 ,5 and 6 benefitted from this scheme. These were given to parents who are on low incomes or state benefits, whose children would have qualified for free school meals. During this period, 450 families benefitted.

Parents appreciated our work and the School welfare Officer in thanking us wrote, “All parents who benefitted from receiving these parcels were very appreciate of the parcels and meant a lot to them in their weekly spending on food.” The rest of the grant is being spent on refurbishing our kitchen so we can provide readily made hot meals to vulnerable individuals and families. We are involved in discussion with The Felix Project for the hot meals project. The project was coordinated by our Centre Manager Heenaaz and assisted by a number of Volunteers, including staff from Redmond Community Centre.